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The Lalor Bowling Club began its existence in the early 1960s and was originally called the T.E.L.K. Bowls Club.  This name was formed from the initials of Thomastown, Epping, Lalor & Keon Park.  The name was later changed to “Lalor Bowling Club” and was an extension of the T.E.L.K. Bowls club, which was formed in 1959.


The Foundation Members of the Club realized that the area had great potential for future population growth and set their sights in this regard. The nearest Bowling Clubs were situated at Reservoir and Whittlesea. Approximately three years after it’s inception, work began to lay a seven rink green. Fundraising was the keynote and the die was cast at a Committee meeting held in a garage in Maxwell Street Lalor, with a decision being reached to raise funds for the greens by a Co-Operative system. The members used various surrounding clubs, ie Whittlesea & Reservoir, to bowl until the Lalor Bowling Greens were installed and opened in February 1965.


Some of the original founding members of the Club were Mr. Ken Delbridge, Mr. Maurie Nelson, and Mr. Ray Harrison.


The original site of the Lalor Bowling Club was used as a soil and filling area before the Clubhouse and Greens were established by foundation members.  There were no made roads east of Epping road at the time and few houses in the area.



The first Clubhouse and only facility for the Club was an ex-army hut, which served as clubrooms and a dance hall for social occasions.  This was used until a permanent brick clubhouse was erected on the site, opening on 23rd August 1969.  The second Clubhouse has had several additions and renovations made to it over the years.

The ex-Army hut was purchased from Camp Pell, a Military Camp situated at Royal Park during the Second World War. The hut is now located on Railway land north of the Lalor Railway Station and is used as a Girl Guides Hall.

The building has had bricks placed over the original timber walls.


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